Please tell us your reaction to the 2000 Public Use (Restriction) Plan
 It's mind-boggling, insane, tragic and horrible
 It's Worse than a night in a Mexican jail
 It's Worse than a night in the El Paso jail
 I'd rather be dry-shaved with a straight razor
 I'd prefer falling into a cactus
 I felt as if ferrets were in my shorts
 It's preferable to a scorpion sting
 It's about the same as a naked dulfersitz rap
 It's Worse than a Guiness Stout hangover
 It seems vaguely annoying...
 It's not quite as bad as a mild headache
 It made me feel like staring at a test pattern
 I like it as much as I like network TV
 It's OK cause I just use Hueco as an outdoor gym
 I don't mind 'cause I don't care about freedom I just want to boulder
 The plan is good 'cause I need a guard to keep me honest
 The plan is OK 'cause the guards get to climb too - Rangers don't check!
 We need the plan to reduce erosion on the rock
 The plan is so beautiful and poignant, I flung myself off a cliff
 It would be perfect if it banned all climbing and recreation