Welcome to Granite Gap, New Mexico!

This beautiful desert area has rock that closely resembles the Mini-Huecos in FMSP. It is sort of OK where the patina is well-formed, but quite chossy elsewhere. However, if caution is used, one can have a lot of fun here. Good spotting is a must, as is a toprope on most problems.

In size, the entire area is much larger than Hueco Tanks, but with only a fraction of the problems. I estimate that about 100 decent problems can be ferreted out at Liberty Huecos. Overhangs are rare, but there are some around.

The best thing about Granite Gap is: Liberty! Freedom! Emancipation! You are free to climb, to camp out, to build a fire, to discharge your weapon,to let your dog run free, to place bolts (if and when they are needed - not just to be stupid). It is located in a beautiful remote location, far from city lights and pollution, nestled back against a small desert peak that might also have a few short routes below the summit ridge.

I nicknamed the boulders just for reference. I am sure that the FA people have better names.