Cochise Stronghold

Tired of the urban, sporty, bureaucratic scene at Hueco? Despair Not! A mere 4.5 hours west of Hueco in southern Arizona, there exists a wealth of granite known as Cochise's Stronghold. If you have ever seen the "Thing ahead - X miles - Do Not Miss!" signs you have been near Cochise. Take the Dragoon exit and you will be on your way.

The only access problem with the area is the silly and needless closure of RockFellow Domes from 2.15 to 6.30 every year, just cause anti-recreation types think that falcons freak out when climbers are around. My experience is that they don't - I know of many nesting pairs in a certain Texas State Park that are not traumatized by my visits. The birds scream and let you know they know I am around, but otherwise they go about their business. They tend to be so loud and annoying you will leave the area ... I have observed them making kills, feeding young, mating - all while hiking or climbing within a few hundred meters of them. Should I tell the Rangers about these nests, so that they can close the area? Probably not, although in one case I am tempted to - the nest is a near a popular, moneymaking feature in the Park! What would they do then? Apply the same "no humans within 1 mile radius" rule and loose all the $$ the site brings in?